Unity and Struggle – An anti-state communist group based in the US. Active locals in Houston, New York City, and Atlanta, with members in several other cities.

Break Their Haughty Power  – The writings of Loren Goldner

Insurgent Notes – a Communist Theory journal led by Loren Goldner and John Garvey

Advance the Struggle – a Bay Area anti-state communist group.

Ultra – an ultra-left communist formation based in the US with a particular interest in the detonations of social anguish known as the riot

Black Orchid Collective – a Seattle anti-state communist group.

Black Rose Anarchist Federation – a young “platformist/especifismo” anarchist-communist group with locals in about a dozen US cities.

Recompostion – a writing group of IWW members concerning the politics of workplace organizing and solidarity networking, laying out new strategies for more militant workerism in 2015.

Praxis Research – a Philadelphia based autonomist research and theory group

Out of the Flames of Ferguson – a Houston-based group of black and brown militants bringing confrontation and agitation against a white-supremacist police apparatus – an Anarchist news and theory site which gets more and more nihilo-post-left insurrecto everyday. Good for what it is. – you will never read everything on here. – what was once was just a blog and archive eventually because an Especificist/Platformist International. Never give up? – Interesting insurgent workerism.



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