About the Expropriationist

The Expropriationist is a radical leftist webzine, devoted to the development of critical thought, social analysis, and strategic theory, based on the broader outlines of anti-capitalist literature and history.

This blog has a history and it is rather embarrassing to it’s primary contributor. In 2012, after a year of deep study of classical Anarchist theory and a few years having been absent of the activist left, the Expropriationist was born out of a genuine need to put thoughts (dis)organized thoughts down for the world to see and an emergence of a revolutionary subject from immiseration. Collaboration with others for this project never panned out, simply because the ideology of GusselSprouts was in a period of crisis, and likewise, the slightly confused nature of the Expropriationist reflects this. A break with Anarchism for Marxism was made at one point, and after more investigation the understanding of Marx that was found became informed by that of thinkers like Amadeo Bordiga and CLR James, while retaining some of the Marxian influence found while still immersed in Anarchism, like Guy Debord and the modern Communization milleau.

Staking out this path is never easy, and it’s never fair to reduce the thought of such a project to the political tendencies which have a thematic like all communist history: that of subsumption, defeat, betrayal and failure. Instead we embrace and absorb these failures for what they are, the labor which inevitably becomes new links in the chains that bind us. These failures are all we have. We are dispossessed of everything outside of them. The Expropriationist can be no different.

It is here, several years wiser, that the authors have decided to pave a new path. We know the revolutionary organization does not represent the class, and the Expropriationist is not marked as an expression of class movement. All that can be transcribed here is the radical separation with the world of separation itself. We make our stake in that, and the break with civil society for that of a more truly human society. The day where practical application and dissemination of these materials by that of a dispossessed class is a moment yet to come; yet we can find inspiration and wisdom in the distant echos and relics collected, and fearless visions and careful forecasting of the future, and weave them with the past to the present moment.


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